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I got guitar lessons for my 13 year old daughter from Pleasant Street Studio at the referral of a friend.  I signed her up for the summer and had the best experience!  My daughter is very shy and can get frustrated easily but really took to the lessons thanks to their patience and great teaching skills.  Now she can’t wait to continue with her lessons.  She has trouble finding something that she truly loves and thanks to Pleasant Street, she has found something that she has really taken a shine to and is dying to keep practicing.  And Pleasant Street was very accommodating to our busy schedule.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.
—Jeff, parent of Morgan

Artwork by Lydia

Ms. Alex is everything you could hope for in a piano teacher, and she has developed an outstanding and comprehensive teaching program at Pleasant Street Music Studio which she adapts well to fit each individual child.

My son started lessons with Ms. Alex when he was 5 years old and he has now completed 5 years of piano lessons with her. While he came to her with the basic skills to read and play sheet music, she has given him a deep knowledge of music theory and musical technique and has engendered a true and deep love of music. At every turn, Pleasant Street Music Studio offers opportunities to perform at a range of venues which definitely inspires continued efforts to improve at the art of musical performance. She caters to the child’s interests to keep him/her engaged while at the same time making sure to follow a curriculum that addresses technique, theory, musicianship, and a range of musical skills. I am so glad that we found Ms. Alex so early on. My son’s work with her has promoted his intellectual and artistic development and built his confidence as a performer.

—Jordan, parent of Tyler
My daughters have taken piano lessons with Ms Alex for several years now. She is a wonderful and patient teacher. Her approach combines a solid theoretical foundation, with a fun and personal touch. Students learn classical and contemporary pieces and are encouraged to pick out their own music as well. I have been very impressed by the quality of the lessons and my daughters musical progression.
—Evonne, parent of Lydia and Gwen 

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