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Sarah Kessel (Voice, Piano, Piano for Pre-K/K, Kids on Keys)


Sarah and Jackson at the Manchester Holiday Stroll, December 2017.

Sarah Kessel owes her musical exposure to her parents who have always recognized the importance of music, theatre and the arts. Her father, a bass, and her mother, a thespian and humanitarian, both fostered her love of music from an early age by giving her voice and piano lessons. Sarah practically grew up on stage performing in dozens of musicals and choirs and later serving as a vocal coach and musical director.

Sarah is a classically trained soprano who is currently finishing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music, minoring in Education from Salem State University. She aspires to continue her studies of vocal pedagogy and voice performance. She is certified in Early Childhood Education and is a teacher at heart. This has led her to the incredibly fulfilling role of the music teacher for The South Church Day School, where she resided for thirteen years. Sarah has also served as a cantor for St. John’s the Baptist Parish in Peabody.

Musical Theatre and teaching have always been an imperative part of who Sarah is as a musician and person. However, through her own continuing musical education, she has developed a passion and respect for performing Baroque, Classical and Romantic Operatic arias and art songs. She recognizes the importance of Music Advocacy and looks forward to nourishing love and understanding of music in her students.

Ms. Sarah believes that:

Music Education is a crucial factor in the development of an individual’s education. Singing and playing an instrument fosters creativity, self esteem, curiosity, motivation and decision making skills. Not only do students who are exposed to music do better in school, but they are given the tools to do better in life. Music is a gift we are given that enables our body, mind and soul to simultaneously create an experience that is essentially a part of ourselves.

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