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Peter Mercurio (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Jazz Piano)

My name is Peter Mercurio and I live in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I have been playing the guitar since I was 10 years old.  I loved music so much, and especially the guitar, that I knew I had to get special training, so I went to the Berklee College of Music. I play all styles, but especially love jazz, rock’n roll and classical guitar. I also play and teach the bass guitar and ukulele. I have also taught piano to guitarists that wanted some piano knowledge. Besides playing live, I also have been teaching those instruments for 30 years. I love to teach and believe I am a very good teacher. Besides teaching the mechanics of playing  the guitar, what is also important to me is making sure that the student knows why he or she is doing this or that particular thing, and what to call it. My motto is, “Always know what you’re playing, why, and what to call it.” In addition to playing live and teaching, I also build and repair guitars and tune pianos. So you see “Music” is in my blood. It is my life.Untitled drawing (1).jpg

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