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NSPTG Recital-March 2013

Ms. Alex with student performers at the NSPTG Recital, March 2013

Alexandra Kirby (Director, Piano, Composition)

Alexandra Kirby has been playing piano and singing since childhood, growing up in a home full of music. She began her official musical career with the trumpet and school chorus in elementary school and began studying piano privately shorty thereafter. Since then, music has continued to be a central force in her life. She has performed and accompanied throughout the North Shore, studied piano and vocal performance, music theory and history, and the physics of sound at a collegiate level, and played a variety of music from Classical to Jazz to Pop/Rock.

She has taught children ages pre-K and up, as well as adults, and especially enjoys teaching if it involves music! She is a Massachusetts certified teacher and has worked as a music teacher with Pre-K, elementary, and middle school students. She started teaching piano and voice lessons in 2004 and opened Pleasant Street Music Studio in 2012, offering private vocal and instrumental instruction and group classes.  She currently serves as a cantor and accompanist for Holy Family Parish in Gloucester, MA and enjoys being a volunteer choir member there as well. She has played with a local rock band, and accompanied community plays and choruses. She also teaches English Language Arts to middle school students. She has experience working with children and adults with special needs (direct care 2010-2014, special education) and is a proud mother of two sons. She is a member and served as board member (2013-2017) for North Shore Piano Teacher’s Guild.

Alexandra received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, minoring in secondary education, from Salem State University, graduating magna cum laude. While there, she took several music courses as well, and returned since to pursue a music degree. She completed a Master of Arts in English, also from Salem State University, culminating in a thesis titled: “Representing Trauma: Creative Expression as Collective Experience.” She has presented her work around Artistic Expression and Representation at several university conferences: Stanford University (2015), Salem State University (2015, 2013) and University of Alabama (2013) and is currently an doctoral candidate in Education at Lesley University, where she is excited to be merging her passion for music and language arts.

Ms. Alex says:

People have a natural sense of music and it is part of the world around us. Through lessons, students are more apt to connect with their innate talent as anyone can play an instrument with the appropriate training. Of course, it does require some dedication—and practice! Lessons are catered to students’ interest as I build students’ repertoire around their musical tastes while also teaching theory and history to augment an appreciation for this form of art and securing students’ enthusiasm for playing and making music. Music is an intimate relationship, between player and their instrument, between player and listener, and between the sounds that make music happen.

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