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Practice makes Progress

on May 9, 2013

We know that committing to regular practice can be difficult amidst busy schedules–especially now that the days are a bit longer, and the weather is sunnier. Yet practice is just as important as ever! 

The best way to encourage practice–for anything, not just a musical instrument–is consistency. Set aside a time each day when you (or your child) can commit regularly to concentrating on their practice. This could be right after dinner, upon returning home, or even before leaving for work/school in the morning. People of all ages may also benefit from charts–it helps to see how hard you’ve been working over the weeks and months. And of course, the greatest benefit, though it may not be immediately noticeable–is your improvement over time. Persevere with your practice, and you’re sure to notice results! Most importantly, remember to PLAY. 

The following websites offer some additional tips for practice:

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